Digital comms for the golf course


Latest news – You would not typically believe that golf courses would have 2 way radio equipment, but you’d be surprised. The next time you play a game of golf, check out the green keepers and staff to see. Now golf club managers are highly conscious of the need for communications, but this post highlights some great benefits of digital radio on the golf course. 


With a typical 18 hole golf course covering 100 acres, everyday communications between teaching professionals, pro-shop staff, course managers, greenkeepers, maintenance staff, irrigation experts, caddies and timekeepers can often be both costly and time consuming especially if mobile phones are used.


Golf Club Management

By contrast, two-way radios allow staff to communicate instantly and effectively, saving costs, improving efficiency, ensuring resources are mobile and available where needed to ultimately deliver a better experience to players.

The beauty of two way radio communications is that once you have received your license to operate, all communications between users are instant and free save the cost of the equipment; these are just two examples from a wide range of benefits that two way radio communications provide to golf club management.


With the advent of trunked digital two-way radio systems, this ability to communicate by voice and data has been significantly improved in terms of quality, range, security and enhanced functionality.


Let’s look at some other benefits in more detail

Management of Health, Safety & Security

Faster more effective response to emergency situations such as illness and injuries on-course.

Warn players and staff of the risk of storms and lightning.

Provide on-course staff with ability to report security issues.

Feedback on course condition

Respond instantly to player feedback on the condition of the course.

Reporting breaches of course etiquette

Allows staff on course to report to club management on breaches of club rules and etiquette.

Improved Tournament Management

Instantly connects tournament management with timekeepers, the pro-shop/player registration desk, practice area, car parks, referees, marshals, officials, caddies and other on-course staff.

Managing pro shop resources

Ensuring teaching professionals are kept updated on arrivals, caddies are organised, carts are available and players’ equipment is to hand.

Increased sales

Improve stock availability on beverage carts, at on-course catering outlets and pro shop.

Improved player experience

The seamless management of players from arrival at the club, through the pro-shop, during play and at the clubhouse.


Equipment selection

Having established the range of benefits that two-way radios can offer a golf club, the next consideration is the selection of equipment.


Given the large area and topography of golf courses, a number of factors come into play.


First, is there a requirement for radio communications to cover every part of the course including inside buildings and for different user groups to have their own channels?


Analogue two way radios have been in use for many years and while the functionality of analogue equipment has improved the technology has inherent limitations:


Analogue or Digital two way radio. Which is better?

Rather than describe any shortcomings of analogue two way radio, which will in any case only be relative to specific applications and circumstances, the table below details some of the advantages of the Kenwood NEXEDGE® digital two way radio system to illustrate the extended benefits of digital technology, especially if you are an existing analogue user:


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