Why hasn’t the two way radio taken up the use of wifi like mobile phones do?

In fact, such a device does exist, however it isn’t extensively commercially offered. Based on Brandon Gregg, a poster on Quora.com,

“There actually are “WiFi walkie talkies” for people in the security industry. Most are connected to security officer patrol verification systems that track officer movements, check ins, status reports, etc”.

Basically, WiFi, as a comms format, simply isn’t as reliable during a crisis as the good old-fashioned radio or RF format. In fact, Walkie Talkie’s (such as Motorola DP3400 series), are generally practical, dependable, high performance and cost effective. Additionally they work right away, without boot up or load time.

A WiFi equivalent may be more expensive and possibly not near consistent enough. Put basically, there just does not seem to be a marketplace for it right now. Personally, I doubt that theres’s going to be one in the foreseeable future, and you never know.

Also, although it isn’t, strictly speaking, a ‘walkie talkie’, an Android app also exists that performs a similar function as the walkie talkie and operates via WiFi. It’s called, appropriately enough, ‘WiFi walkie talkie’. To cite the app’s write-up on ‘appszoom.com’,

“WiFi Walkie Talkie is a Push-to-Talk application, which allows you to talk for free over wireless networks. With this application, you can transmit your voice data to all devices that are on the same network, or to any (other) device (if) you know its IP address”.

In case you’re really into the concept of owning a WiFi two way radio, then this site is selling a smartphone/walkie-talkie fusion. The Runbo X5 runs on Android, has a talk time of between 6 and 10 hrs and operates a dual core CPU, it’s also highly water resilient. we’ve never reviewed this product, so we cannot say much more than that, but the stats look pretty outstanding. It even has 4G.

Largely, you are almost certainly better off sticking to the ordinary 2 way radio or two way radio for your business (or personal) needs. There’s a variety of support and help online for use of two way radios, also as a number of comprehensive product reviews (a number of that are contributed by yours truly) that will help you create an informed and cost effective verdict.

WiFi is a technology that’s still evolving, but we’ve all had connectivity problems with our phones, laptops, tablets and whatnot. The last thing you will want is to suffer exactly the same difficulties when encountering an disaster situation.

Perhaps in the future someone can make a WiFi 2 way radio, but it’s going to only become a viable alternative to the existing versions when it may be proved to be safer and present superior service, which are some things that I just do not see occouring. Regretful.

As I’ve said somewhere else, I’m faraway from an authority in these things, so if you feel like grabbing a second opinion with your morning coffee, then definately, do some research and get back to me on 2wayradionline.co.uk